Race Rules

*Race rules are subject to change

  1. Racers must compete on 1 bike for all stages and be self-supported; racers can carry replacement parts, tubes, tires etc.
  2. Helmets must be worn during all Timed and Transfer Stages – Racers are welcome to carry 2 helmets (Full-Face/XC). Full-Face helmets will be mandatory for certain stages in the series.
  3. Racers are not allowed to wear headphones at the starting lines, or during any part of the race for the safety of the rider and others.
  4. Protest Period – Any protest must be filed within 30 minutes of the last competitor completing the final race stage of the day.
  5. Man Down Rule – If you come across a downed rider, please stop to see that they are okay before continuing on. Use your judgement here. If a rider is broken or unconscious STOP, if they’ve fallen but appear to be okay, ride on. Let officials know and they will sort out your time loss/fallen individual.
  6. Directions and Course Markings: A course map will be displayed at athlete check-in and online the friday before each race. Riders are encouraged to study the map and understand the race route prior to riding.
  7. Tape and Directional Markers : Where two pieces of course tape on opposite sides of the course are used, riders must pass between them. Signs with directional markers will be used to point racers in the proper direction. Racers must obey these signs.
  8. Any missing, crossing or passing the course tape on the wrong side will be deemed as course-cutting. Any rider trying to save time by choosing a line that lies outside the marked course will be disqualified. Please stay on course and respect your surroundings.
  9. In certain circumstances, the Race Directors may choose to apply a time penalty to a rider found to have cut the course unintentionally. However, any rider leaving the obvious line must be aware that they risk a DQ.

Environmental Rules:

  1. No disposable goggle tear offs are allowed to be used
  2. The disposal of food packaging on the trail is strictly prohibited
  3. Race Organizers reserve the right to penalize and/or disqualify any rider whose actions are deemed inappropriate and likely to damage the local environment

Athlete Meeting: The Race Directors will host a rider briefing the morning of the race, attendance is mandatory. Any changes to the rules, course, timing, details of course marking, feed stations and assistance locations will be communicated at this briefing.